Baby Quilts

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WeQuilt Studio

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All Baby Quilts have 100% Cotton Batting 

(safer than polyester for babies)

Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding purchases on this page, or to request a custom Adult or Baby quilt.

 (Note: You do not need a Paypal account to purchase.)

Design Gallery 
 Baby Quilts
cotton candy light 6in
raindrops light 6in-SELF PRINT
Starlets light 8in-SELF PRINT
fantasy flame 11in med
morning glory med 5_5in-SELF PRINT
flower power heavy 3in-SELF PRINT
Plumeria med 4_5in-SELF PRINT
chantilly lace 6in med
Curly Feather med 6in
BossaNova_med 7in
chino med 5 in
FeatherUnfurled_med 8in
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