Facemasks & More

NOTE: The CDC warns that these homemade Facemasks do not necessarily protect you against the Corona Virus, but they do limit the spread of it.


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Corona Shopping


  1. Be sure to have Hand Sanitizer with a napkin holder hanging from your purse.

  2. Shop with the gloves and mask.

  3. Line your shopping cart with a large garbage bag that is cut open.

  4. Pull your shopping cart with 1 gloved hand,

  5. Open the freezer doors with that same gloved hand that you are pulling your cart with.

  6. Then load the food into your cart with other gloved hand.

  7. Go to self checkout.

  8. Before you get your card out, remove 1 of the gloves inside out and throw away.

  9. Pull a napkin halfway out of your purse.

  10. Then get your card out with that free hand.

  11. Insert your card.

  12. Press the buttons with your gloved hand.

  13. Pull your card out with your free hand.

  14. Dribble Hand Sanitizer on your card.

  15. Wipe the card with your napkin that is hanging from your purse.

  16. Put the card back in your purse with your free hand.

  17. Pull the front of your cart as you walk to your car.

  18. When you get to your car, press your trunk button with your free hand.

  19. Load your groceries into a cardboard box.

  20. Remove your mask with your free hand by grabbing from 1 ear.

  21. Pull out the filter with your gloved hand (unless it is a washable filter).

  22. Place the mask in a separate small box in your trunk, to be washed later.

  23. Close your trunk with your free hand.

  24. Walk to the trash can and dispose of the filter and then the glove.

  25. Use your hand sanitizer before you open your car door.

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