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Online Lessons For:

  • Embird

  • Inkscape

  • Janome Mb4.Mb7

  • Brother SE600

  • Sewing, & Embroidery


  1. Contact WeQuilt Studio on Facebook:

    • ​​ for an inpromptu meeting

    •  or to make an appt.

  2.  Create a Skype Account or just use your Fb Account.

  3. Make Paypal payment below.

  4. After Paypal payment, we will connect on Skype or Fb.              

  • (Note: You do not need a Paypal account to purchase.)

  • Facebook

If you'd like to try Embird first, for 30 days, click here


If you'd like a Skype lesson during your trial period, feel free to contact Lisa WeQuilt on FB, or at

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