All my corn is cleaned twice and only the best kernels go into each bag.  
• Can be easily folded or wrapped around the body.
• For injuries, illnesses, and post surgeries. Many customers say they use less pain medications, because of the corn warming bags.
• Wear around the house during the winter months. This will allow you to keep your thermostat lower.
• Use on cold drives to work,
• Sit with it while at work. You'll be the envy of your office!!!
• Bed warmer (Heat them up and place them in your bed moments before you jump wonders for a perfect nights sleep)
• Children love them (provides a warm cuddle that helps them drift off to sleep easily and quickly).

• Wrap around your body for warmth and comfort.
• Reduce inflammation.
• Wear at home to save on heating bills.
• Keep warm in the car.
• Use it at your work desk.
• Use as a bed warmer.
• Cuddle with one to help you or your children fall asleep.

Neck and Body Bag

  • Please Note: Not all microwaves heat the same, so please test your microwave for proper heating times.  Start with 1 minute for the Neck and Body Bag.  Please understand that iQuilt Studio is not responsible for burns or other injuries resulting from overheating of the bag.  Color of bag may varyfrom the color pictured.  Fabric is 100% cotton flannel.

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