The Tiny bags hold each ring.   Then place the Tiny bags into the Larger one. When the special moment is here, hand the Large bag to the Bride and Groom.  And after that precious day, she will  have a forever jewelry keepsake to remember their love.  Pictures are samples of our styles and colors available.  You can request custom colors by emailing us at

Wedding Rings Satchet Bags

SKU: 0002
Lace Placement
Color of Large Satchet
Color of Small Satchets
  • To request a specific style for the trim, such as country, modern, victorian, etc, just "Add a Note to Seller" in the view cart window.  So,  after you "Add to Cart": 

    1. Click "View Cart"

    2. In the bottom left of the "View Cart" screen, click "Add Note to Seller".

    3. Type in your style request.

    4. Click Done.

    5. Click Checkout.

  • Please understand that we are thread and digital artists who will work very hard to make a keepsake that meets your specifications.  As such, we are not able to offer refunds on our products.

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